I'm iN Charge

I'm iN Charge (INC) is a multidisciplinary, family centered childhood obesity prevention and management program that began in 2005. The approach of INC is to prevent and manage childhood obesity and  to empower multi-cultural youth and their families to bring about long-term behavioral change that would decrease their risk for the co-morbidities of obesity.


  • Any pediatric or adolescent patient that is:
  • Referred by their physician
  • Between the ages of 6-17


  • Provide education, motivation, and support to families so that they can better understand how to make healthier lifestyle choices in terms of nutrition, physical activity, and media time and implement these changes in their everyday lives
  • Receive personalized counseling from Nutritionist and Physical Activity Coordinator on how to make healthier lifestyle choices
  • Obtain memberships to YMCA, Body By Brandy, GoKids Boston, or HealthWorks Community Fitness
  • Monitor progress and provide additional support by attending INC appointments.
  • Participate in C.H.O.I.C.E, an 8-week class that meets once per week to provide nutrition and fitness education and activities
  • Participate in INC Healthy Families Discussions on the first Thursday of every month

Contact Information:

  • Justin Pespisa, AmeriCorps Member, Justin.Pespisa@childrens.harvard.edu or (617)-919-7816

Outside Resources:

Physical Activity: