Division of Emergency Medicine | Quality & Safety

The mission of the Emergency Department Quality Program is to promote the highest quality care for ill and injured children, continually assessing performance against others and promoting learning from both within and outside the organization. The program is led by the Quality Committee, a multidisciplinary group of physicians, nurses, administrators, and experts in quality improvement. The major focus for 2012-2014 has been the development and implementation of condition-specific evidence-based guidelines; as of January 2013, we have launched 19 such guidelines and tracking quality measures for each. With the earliest guidelines, we have already improved the consistency of care around the most common conditions while reducing low-value costs. We also have specific initiatives for improving care of patients with sepsis as well as pain management in children with long bone fractures. Our strong quality assurance program also reviews all major procedures and the care of children requiring multiple ED visits.

Finally, our quality leaders are defining the standards for high-quality, safe emergency care for children through prominent positions on national committees and through highly regarded peer-reviewed publications.