Department of Otolaryngology and Communication Enhancement | Research & Innovation

International Conference on Cochlear Implants (CI2016) - May, 2016 

CI 2016 was held in Toronto, Canada from May 11-16, 2016. The conference is held bi-annually, and brings together physicians, audiolo-gists, speech language pathologists, educators, hearing scientists, and members of the cochlear implant industry to discuss new technolo-gies and advancements in the field. This year, the department was represented in the following presentations: Cochlear Implants in Chil-dren with Waardenburg Syndrome Type 4: Implications for Implantation, Medical Management and Additional Supports. Authors: Amy Szarkowski, PhD, Elizabeth Erickson O’Neill, AuD, Denise Fournier Eng, MA-CCSLP, Jennifer Harris, AuD, CISC, Margaret Kenna, MD, MPH, Greg Licameli, MD, MHCM; Outcomes of cochlear implantation in pediatric patients with asymmetric hearing loss. Authors: Susan Gib-bons, AuD, CCC-A/SLP, Elizabeth Erickson O’Neill, Jennifer Harris, AuD, CISC, Margaret A. Kenna, MD, MPH, Amanda Griffin, AuD, PhD, Greg Licameli, MD, MHCM; Bilateral cochlear implantation for patients with Enlarged Vestibular Aqueducts: Evaluating factors that influ-ence outcomes. Authors: Jennifer Harris, AuD, CISC, Susan Gibbons, AuD, CCC-A/SLP, Elizabeth Erickson O’Neill, AuD, Margaret Kenna, MD, MPH, Greg Licameli, MD, MHCM 

Early Hearing Detection and Intervention conference (EHDI) - March, 2016 

The 2016 National Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) conference was held in San Diego, CA from March 13-15, 2016. The conference draws audiologists, educators, parents and doctors. Over 1,000 were in attendance and there were various workshops over the course of three days, including several from Boston Children’s Hospital. Dr. Derek Stiles and Dr. Kate DeFonzo spoke about hearing loss diagnosis among children with Tier 2 risk factors. Dr. Terrell Clark gave a presentation about “Setting Language in Motion: Family Supports and Early Intervention for Babies who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing,” Dr. Amy Szarkowski and Denise Fournier Eng gave a half-day pre conference workshop on “Neurodevelopment of Language and Listening: Using What We Know about the Brain to Inform Clinical Practice.” The Au-diology graduate student trainees gave a poster presentation about EVA among children with cochlear implants. Dr. Amy Szarkowski gave two presentations about interdisciplinary collaboration and about building social and emotional competence in infants and toddlers who are deaf and hard of hearing. Katie Prins McCarthy, MBA, gave a presentation, “Outreach and Education Beyond the Clinical Setting.” 

Combined Otolaryngology Spring Meeting (COSM) - May, 2016 

The Combined Otolaryngology Spring Meetings were held on May 18-22, 2016 in Chicago Illinois. The department was widely represented during the American Society of Pediatric Otolaryngology (ASPO) meeting with 10 accepted poster presentations on topics ranging from validation of new audiometric technology to understanding risk factors for post-tonsillectomy hemorrhage. In addition to the five Research Assistants (Alex Irace, Sonia Yuen, Jenna Dargie, Talia Shoshany, and Juliana Manganella), our four current clinical fellows, David Chang, MD, Jamie Funamura, MD, Lindsay Sobin, MD, and Ryan Walker MD, all had presentations at ASPO. During COSM, three of our depart-ment nurses, Jaclyn Surette, BSN, RN, Daniela DiRamio BSN, RN, and Victoria Albano, MSN, RN, CPNP presented during the Society of Otorhinolaryngology and Head-Neck Nurses (SOHM) Pediatric ORL Nurses Spring Meeting. It was a busy four days! 
Society of Otorhinolaryngology and Head-Neck Nurses (SOHN) - May, 2016 
The SOHN 2 day seminar was held in conjunction with COSM in Chicago. Daniela DiRamio and Jackie Surette presented on metal trachs, and Dr. Kenna and Tori Albano presented on hearing loss.