Cerebral Palsy and Spasticity Center

The Cerebral Palsy and Spasticity Center at Boston Children’s Hospital is one of the world’s leading diagnostic and treatment centers for children with cerebral palsy (CP) and spasticity. Families come to Boston Children’s from around the globe seeking the most advanced testing and comprehensive care available.

Our experts have extensive experience in treating the full spectrum of cerebral palsy — from children with limited effects of the disorder to those with multiple, complex medical issues. At our Cerebral Palsy and Spasticity Center, patients can see several providers in one day, which makes managing care easier on families and more collaborative for doctors.

Cerebral Palsy: Why Choose Boston Children’s Hospital

Our Cerebral Palsy and Spasticity Center—the oldest and most comprehensive in the country—has been at the forefront of CP diagnosis and treatment for over 60 years. We offer:

  • World-renowned care: U.S. News and World Report ranks Boston Children’s #1 in Neurology and Neurosurgery, #1 in Orthopedics as well as the #1 pediatric hospital overall. Our CP team leverages innovations throughout Boston Children’s Hospital to ensure extraordinary management of every symptom and complication.
  • Comprehensive treatment plans: Our program addresses all aspects of CP health-related issues, offering advanced surgical interventions and non-surgical therapies. Treatment plans look at all aspects of your child’s physical, intellectual and emotional development and are customized to your child’s specific needs. Treatment plans may include medical tone management (botulinum toxin injections and baclofen), gait analysis, multi-level orthopedic surgery, selective dorsal rhizotomies (SDR) and the insertion of baclofen pumps for surgical spasticity reduction.
  • Complex care management: Our program treats some of the most medically complex and high-risk children with CP in the world. Our team includes the unique support of Complex Care providers who specialize in children with multiple conditions associated with their diagnosis of CP.
  • Advanced gait analysis: A specialized cerebral palsy gait analysis lab uses multiple cameras to measure gait-pattern development. At the lab, Boston Children’s physiatrists determine the most appropriate surgical and non-surgical treatments.
  • Long-term approach: As CP treatments have improved, the life spans of children with CP have increased. As individuals with CP enter adulthood, their needs change. Our team is with you for the entire journey and will eventually aid in your child’s transition to adult care.
  • Convenience: Our CP center offers same-day appointments when needed. Multiple specialists located within the same clinic make visits easier on your family and ensure collaboration among doctors.
  • Focus on prevention: Our doctors rigorously monitor symptoms of CP, such as progressive hip displacement and spinal deformity, to ensure proactive treatment and prevent further complications. Our team will screen for and monitor the many conditions associated with CP, such as chronic lung disease, feeding and nutritional challenges, seizure disorders and developmental delays.

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