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Patient and Family Guide to Scoliosis

This e-book for patients and families shares information about the diagnosis and management of scoliosis, and offers advice about how to live with the condition.

How to put on a Boston Brace (video)

Dr. Timothy Hresko from Boston Children’s Hospital Orthopedic Center physician demonstrates how to help a patient with scoliosis correctly put on a Boston Brace.

Embrace the Brace Digital Slideshow

Patients and providers offer advice to help others with scoliosis thrive while wearing a brace.

School Nurse's Guide to Scoliosis

This scoliosis e-book for school nurses and other caregivers details what to look for, how it's treated--and what it's like to live with scoliosis.

Scoliosis publications and research

Learn more about our orthopedic team's ongoing research into spinal disorders.

Your visit to Boston Children's Hospital

Planning a visit to the Orthopedic Center? Check out our Your Orthopedic Visit page for helpful information on what you can expect.

External scoliosis resources