Ankle Sprain Symptoms & Causes

Who is at risk for an ankle sprain?

  • Athletes in sports that require quick changes in direction for the legs, such as football, soccer and basketball
  • People who walk or run on uneven surfaces
  • People who wear ill-fitting shoes
  • People who have had previous ankle sprains

What causes an ankle sprain?

Any movement that causes the ligaments of the ankle to stretch farther than they naturally can.

  • A fall that causes your ankle to twist
  • Landing awkwardly on the foot while jumping or pivoting
  • Walking, running or playing on uneven surfaces

What are the symptoms of an ankle sprain?

The ankle is tender, swollen and possibly discolored on the outside, below and just in front of the ankle bone. Typically, the bone is not as tender as the area above and in front of it. Some people hear a "popping" sound at the time of the injury.