Hematuria is blood found in your child's urine. Although this condition is alarming, it is quite common in children, often harmless and often easily treated once its cause is determined.

There are generally two types of hematuria:

  • In microscopic hematuria, there is an abnormal amount of red blood cells in the urine, but the amount is not large enough to see with the naked eye.
  • In macroscopic or gross hematuria, there is enough blood to change the color of the urine from yellow to pink, red or brown. Only one milliliter of blood (less than a tenth of an ounce) can make the urine appear red.

How Boston Children's Hospital approaches hematuria

Because there are so many possible causes of hematuria, your child's pediatric urologist will determine which treatment is appropriate for your child based on the underlying problem. In many cases, the hematuria goes away quickly and does not return; in this case, your child wouldn't require any specific treatment other than observation.