Walking (Gait) Abnormalities | Treatments

Many gait disturbances are common and correct themselves on their own. When they do require medical assistance, Boston Children's Hospital has trained specialists to offer your child the right type of intervention.

For these conditions, we offer:

Tibial torsion

•   A brace may be used at night in children 18 to 30 months of age
•   Your child's doctor may consider surgery if the problem has caused
    significant walking problems and your child at least 8 years old

Femoral torsion

•   Your child's doctor may consider surgery if the problem causes a lot of tripping and an unsightly gait, and your
    child is at least 9 years old

Metatarsus adductus

•   Treatment usually involves special exercises, applying casts or special corrective shoes and has a high rate of
    success in babies aged 6 to 9 months


•   After age 3, if your child walks on his or her toes, they need careful evaluation by a physician
•   Treatment may involve observation, physical therapy, casting or surgery