Rong Luo's research has been focused on elucidating the cellular and molecular mechanisms by which GPR56, a member of the adhesion G protein-coupled receptor family, regulates brain development. One of her projects was to define the function and signaling pathways of GPR56  in the developing mouse brain. Dr. Piao and Dr. Luo have successfully identified collagen III as the ligand of GPR56, which opens up many avenues for further studies. Dr. Luo's proposed studies cover several areas of research, including: 1) the role of GPR56 in CNS myelination; 2) GPR56 signaling in brain development and malformation; 3) identifying and characterizing the ligands of other adhesion G protein-coupled receptors, such as GPR126. Mouse genetics model and in vitro biochemistry, proteomics techniques are used to accomplish the research goals. 

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  • GPR56 in Brain Development

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