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VAC patient a big winner at the 2012 National Junior Disability Championships

12-year-old Michael Dean Baumgartner, a Boston Children's Hospital Vascular Anomalies Center patient, won first place in all four races he competed in at the 2012 National Junior Disability Championships in Mesa, Arizona.

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Boston Children's breakthrough research on CLOVES syndrome

A multidisciplinary research team at Boston Children's Hospital has identified the genetic basis for CLOVES syndrome, a rare congenital malformation and overgrowth disorder. The discovery raises the hope that, for the first time, it will be possible to develop targeted medical treatments capable of delaying, reversing or possibly preventing CLOVES's debilitating consequences.

Life of Riley

Nine-year-old Riley was born with CLOVES syndrome ... an exceptionally rare disorder that is causing increasingly aggressive "lumps and bumps" on and in her body. She's now in the midst of experimental drug therapy at Boston Children's Hospital. Read more in this story from Boston's WBUR.