Vascular Anomalies Center | VAC Clinic

Boston Children's Hospital's VAC holds weekly interdisciplinary clinics. These unique clinics give patients with vascular tumors or vascular malformations and their families the opportunity to see more than one specialist during the same visit.

Because more complex vascular anomalies may involve multiple body systems, the ability to have multiple specialists in the room at the same time—each bringing their area of expertise—allows physicians to have an immediate back and forth interchange and share their assessments with one another, as well as with patients and family members. This allows us to accurately diagnose you or your child’s condition and propose a customized treatment plan that meets the individual needs of each patient.

At the end of your clinic visit, you will leave with a recommended treatment plan, and if needed, appointments for follow-up care.

The interdisciplinary clinics are held in both the Longwood and Waltham locations.

In addition to the interdisciplinary clinics, medical clinics are held by many of the VAC physicians in various Boston Children’s locations.  The VAC coordinators and nurse practitioners will work with you to determine the best clinic to meet your needs.