Vascular Anomalies Center | Nurse Practitioner Clinic

There are many different types of vascular anomalies, ranging from simple infantile hemangiomas to complex combination vascular malformations such as Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome. For more complex vascular anomalies, an evaluation in the interdisciplinary VAC Clinic is important. For other simple vascular anomalies, a specialized nurse practitioner can provide a timely clinical evaluation.

During the Nurse Practitioner clinic a patient will meet with one of our highly experienced nurse practitioners, all of whom have specialized expertise in vascular anomalies. The nurse practitioners will:

  • perform a clinical evaluation
  • provide a diagnosis
  • discuss possible treatment

The nurse practitioners also educate patients and families about their diagnosis, help to allay fears and empower patients and/or parents.

During the clinic evaluation, the VAC nurse practitioner may determine that consultation with one or more Vascular Anomalies Center physician specialists is in you or your child's best interest. The nurse practitioner may be able to arrange a physician consultation on the spot, or will schedule a follow-up appointment for another time.