Meet Our Team

IPEP's leadership team, associate faculty, and collaborators are a talented group of experts in the field of medical communication, education, and bioethics. These individuals offer the blend of knowledge and experience necessary to the education of healthcare practitioners, one that integrates the patient experience, family perspective, empathy, the everyday ethics of clinical practice.



Clinician and Content Expert Faculty

IPEP's course faculty is comprised of a multidisciplinary and distinguished group of expert clinicians that represent a wide variety of specialty areas. Both their individual and collective input into the pedagogy and curriculum development of our courses offers participants a world class and unparalleled learning experience.


Stephen A. Brown, MD
Radiology and Ethics

Michael Callahan, MD
(profile coming soon)

Robert Graham, MD
Critical Care Medicine

Anne Hansen, MD
Neonatal Intensive Care

Christine Rachwal, RN
Neonatal and Pediatric Critical Care Nursing

Elizabeth Rider, MD, MSW, FAAP

David Urion, MD

Family Faculty

Our cadre of family faculty bring their first hand experience and perspectives on the patient-family-clinician dynamic. This highly respected, experienced, and professional team add their invaluable input and teaching that elevates the learning experience of our course participants.

Meg Comeau, MHA
Catalyst Center, Boston University School of Public Health

Suzanne Morse Fortier, LICSW
Psychotherapist, Private Practice

Pam Varrin, PhD*
Cotting School

Ellen Waddill, MEd
The Professional Center for Child Development

Erin Ward, MsEd, CAS
TrachCare, Inc.

*Pam Varrin acts as one of IPEP's psychosocial faculty in addition to her role as a family faculty member

Collaborators and Associates

Mary Anne Bell, RN (profile coming soon)

Dara Brodsky, MD

Craig Lillehei, MD

Lauren Mednick, PhD

Brigid O’Connor, BA

Linda Zaccagnini, RN, MSN, NNP