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Christopher Yuskaitis | Education

Medical School

University of Alabama at Birmingham

2011, Birmingham, AL


Boston Combined Residency Program (BCRP)

2013, Boston, MA


Pediatric Neurology

Boston Children's Hospital

2016, Boston, MA


Neurogenetics, Epilepsy Genetics

Boston Children's Hospital

2016, Boston, MA

Christopher Yuskaitis | Certifications

  • American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (Child and Adolescent Neurology)

Christopher Yuskaitis | Professional History

My passion in child neurology is caring for patients with infantile spasms, neurogenetic conditions, and studying the underlying molecular basis for neurologic disorders. I obtained a Bachelor of Arts with High Distinction in Cognitive Science with emphasis in neuroscience at the University of Virginia. I received MD/PhD degrees through the MSTP program the University of Alabama at Birmingham. My graduate work identified misregulation of glycogen synthase kinase-3 as a potential target for therapeutic intervention in Fragile X syndrome. I completed my pediatrics training in the Boston Combined Residency Program followed by child neurology residency and neurogenetics fellowship at Boston Children’s Hospital.

I am co-director of the Infantile Spasms Program at Boston Children’s Hospital and a member of the ClinGen Brain Malformations Gene Curation Expert Panel. My current clinical research focused on predictors of outcomes in children with infantile spasms. My laboratory research focuses on how alterations to nutrient sensing genes (e.g. DEPDC5, NPRL2, NPRL3) leads to epilepsy and brain malformations, and targeting this pathway for therapeutic intervention.

I see patients for consultation in the Infantile Spasms Program, Brain and Developmental Genetics Clinic, and Epilepsy Genetics Programs. I also serve as an expert for the Department of Neurology for Boston Children's Hospital Precision Medicine Service. For more information about the Precision Medicine Service please visit

Christopher Yuskaitis | Publications

Medicine is the intersection between science and humanity - my passion is bridging this gap. At the bedside, I provide families with a compassionate and comprehensive understanding of their child’s condition, and at the bench I utilize novel scientific techniques to better understand the developing brain.