Current Environment:

Hoa Schneider | Education

Undergraduate School

Trinity College

2006, Hartford, CT

Graduate School

University of Miami

2017, Miami, FL


Harvard Medical School

2019, Boston, MA

Hoa Schneider | Professional History

Dr. Hoa Lam Schneider is a pediatric neuropsychologist in the Boston Children’s Hospital Center for Neuropsychology who specializes in the care of children with craniofacial anomalies and developmentally based learning disabilities. Dr. Schneider also conducts research within the Department of Plastic and Oral Surgery investigating the neurocognitive, psychosocial, and developmental outcomes of children with nonsyndromic and syndromic craniosynostosis.

Dr. Schneider is originally from the Boston area, but she completed her undergraduate studies in Psychology at Trinity College before receiving her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Miami. Afterwards, she completed her internship with a focus in pediatric neuropsychology at the University of Florida, followed by two years of post-doctoral training in pediatric neuropsychology at Boston Children’s Hospital, where she joined the faculty in 2019.

Dr. Schneider’s clinical expertise involves examining the complex and dynamic interaction between a child’s neuropsychological development and contextual factors that impact individual developmental trajectory. At Boston Children’s Hospital, Dr. Schneider established a research and clinical care program to address the increasing demand for neuropsychological services within the hospital’s Cleft and Craniofacial Center. She collaborates closely with the child’s family, medical providers, and educators in the community to provide the best clinical care, with the ultimate goal of helping children thrive in their development. Further, Dr. Schneider is a faculty and instructor in psychology at Harvard Medical School. She is also involved in the teaching and supervision of post-doctoral fellows and interns in the Center for Neuropsychology and Learning Disabilities Program.

Hoa Schneider | Publications

I use a “whole child” approach in my clinical care and research – carefully examining the complex and dynamic interaction between brain development throughout the lifespan and familial/medical/environmental contextual factors (protective and risk) that may influence and/or alter development. My ultimate goal is to help each child and their families understand their child’s exceptional qualities.