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10/3/19: Interview for STAT
" 'I really love the feeling': As vaping injuries climb, doctors struggle to wean youth off nicotine"

10/4/19: Interview for WIRED
"So You Want to Quit Vaping? No One Actually Knows How"

10/8/19: Interview for WBUR 90.9 "On Point"
“Just How Hard is it to Quit Vaping?”

10/14/19: Interview for The New York Times
“Helping Teenagers Quit Vaping”

10/21/19: Quoted for Politico
“Doctors lack treatments for nicotine-addicted youth”

10/22/19: Quoted for the Boston Herald
“Time needed to learn vape dangers”

10/24/19: Interview for CNN Health
"Young people who use flavored tobacco at first are more likely to keep using tobacco later, study says"

9/4/19: Quoted for The Daily Iowan
“Opinion: Vaping epidemic threatens health and safety of college students”

9/5/19: interview for CNN
“Vitamin E Chemical is ‘Key Focus’ in Vaping Illness Investigation, Health Officials Say”

9/6/19: Interview for The Boston Globe
“Are marijuana vapes from licensed stores safe? Mass. lacks regulations on additives”

9/10/19: Interview for Tobacco Free Kids: Protect Our Kids Campaign
Watch here

9/12/19: Interview for NBC News
“Addiction Experts Concerned that Existing Treatments Aren’t Enough for Vaping Teens”

9/17/19: Interview for NBC News
“Vaping 101: What to know about e-cigs, addiction and illnesses”

9/18/19: Interview for The New York Times
“Teenage Vaping Rises Sharply Again This Year”

9/19/19: Interview for NBC Nightly News
“Seventh person dies in U.S. from vaping-related lung illness”