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Frequently Asked Questions | Overview

What happens during a visit?

Patients meet one on one with a clinical exercise physiologist to work on cardiorespiratory fitness, muscle strength, flexibility, and mental skills training. The exercise physiologist will also explain the principles of fitness training and develop a home exercise plan.

Patients have the option to meet with a nutritionist to get information about a healthy diet. If the patient has any psychosocial needs, we can make a referral to our psychologist.

Every 30 days, the team will assess the patient’s progress and develop renewed goals.

How long does the program last?

We see each patient twice a week, starting at first as in-person meetings and later, as appropriate, in virtual sessions. The program generally lasts for three months.

Is there a virtual-only option?

Not at this time. To ensure safety and teach safe exercise practices at least a few in-person visits are an essential part of the program.

What types of patients do you see in the program?

We see both children and adults with any type of congenital heart condition or pediatric-acquired heart disease.

Is the program covered by insurance?

For most patients, the program is covered by insurance. We help with the insurance authorization before starting the program and assist with any special appeals if additional paperwork is needed.

Where is the program located?

We offer the CFP at our Boston Children’s Waltham satellite location, as well as at our main campus in Boston. If eligible, we also have the option to see patients for some virtual fitness sessions.

How do I enroll in the Cardiac Fitness Program?

Talk to your primary cardiologist to see if our program would be a good fit for you.