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Our Programs | Overview

Boston Children's Primary Care Center is here to help families raise healthy, happy children. Some of the other services we offer include:

Asthma Action Team
Our Asthma Action Team helps children with asthma live normal, healthy lives. Talk to your doctor or one of our nurses to find out if a visit with the Asthma Action Team would be a good idea for your child.

Advocating Success for Kids (ASK) program
The Advocating Success for Kids (ASK) program is a multidisciplinary team that evaluates and assists children who have special education needs. Project LAUNCH (Linking Actions for Unmet Needs in Children’s Health) is an arm of the ASK program dedicated to promoting social-emotional wellness in preschool-aged children.

Young Parents Program (YPP)
Adolescent mothers and fathers can get primary care along with their children, as well as social support, through our Young Parents Program (YPP).

Rainbow Program
The Rainbow Program helps families of children with many or severe health problems. Our nurse practitioners and social workers work closely with our primary care providers and the specialists at Boston Children's to help keep these children healthy--and support their families.

Other services provided

  • The Rapid Assessment of Skin Health (RASH) clinic at Boston Children's Hospital Primary Care Center (CHPCC) is a clinic embedded within primary care designed to provide an enhanced level of care for patients with dermatologic conditions. Staffed by two pediatricians with training in dermatology, we see patients with a variety of skin conditions, including eczema, acne, and skin infections. We can help with diagnosis or ongoing management and may see you for one visit or over a more extended period of time. We have daytime and evening hours available. Your child must be a patient in the Boston Children's Hospital Primary Care Center to attend the RASH clinic.
  • The Headache Clinic is embedded within the Boston Children's Hospital Primary Care Center (CHPCC) and is designed to help patients manage their headaches more effectively. We offer extended visits to discuss medication strategies as well as lifestyle factors, including sleep, hydration, and stress management. We track your progress over time and adjust as needed. We have evening hours and virtual visits available.
  • We know that navigating systems like the medical or educational system can be challenging. That’s why we have a resource specialist who can help. Talk to your doctor or one of our nurses if you think this service could help you!
  • Health isn't only physical — mental health is just as important. We offer behavioral health services such as counseling for our patients and can also help refer you to counseling and other services in your community. If you are interested in this, talk to your doctor or ask to speak to one of our social work staff.
  • All young children need car safety seats — but not all families can easily afford them or know how to use them. That’s why we offer car safety seats and trainings for families. Talk to one of our staff if you are interested.
  • Our financial services staff is available to help you through the health insurance application process. Let us know if you need assistance.