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Frequently Asked Questions | Overview

What is the Young Parents Program (YPP)?

YPP, a specialty clinic within Children's Hospital Primary Care Center, was launched in 1980 to provide comprehensive medical care, mental health services and advocacy to high risk, inner-city teen parents and their young children through a teen-tot model.

YPP serves young families with a multi-disciplinary team knowledgeable in the medical, social and developmental issues of adolescence and early childhood. Boston Children's will provide a medical home base with coordinated, continuous health care services, psychosocial support, parenting/life skills groups and individual services for teen mothers and fathers.

How do I refer my patient to YPP?

Please contact us at 617-355-7718 to talk with a YPP staff member about your patient.

Is YPP free for my patient?

Yes, the Young Parents Program is covered by most insurance providers - this includes Medicaid (MassHealth).

How do young parents qualify to enroll in YPP?

Your patient is eligible to enroll in YPP if they are willing to have YPP as their primary care provider for their family. Mothers must be 10 years or younger at the time of enrollment. There ar no income or geographical boundaries.

How old are parents in YPP?

Our parents are in their teens and early 20s. The average age is 17. Teen mothers can be 19 and younger at the birth of their child.

How old are children in YPP?

Our children's ages range from newborns to about 5 years old.

Is YPP for both mothers and fathers?

Yes, YPP is for mothers and fathers as long as their child received medical care in YPP. While we have a higher number of mothers in the program, we also have fathers who have joined the program and benefited greatly from our services.

Can young parents enroll in YPP if they have more than one child?

Yes, as long as the mother was 19 years or younger upon the birth of the child.

Will participants get to meet other young parents at YPP?

Yes, they will have the opportunity to meet other young parents in YPP. They will be able to talk and socialize with other young parents who are going through similar situations. Many of our YPP families make friends with other YPP families.

How do I receive more information about the Young Parents Program?

Please view our Young parents Program Brochure or contact us at 617-355-7718 to learn more about YPP.