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Deeply experienced, passionately innovative

Our hospital helped define the treatment of chest wall problems. In 1958 Dr. Kenneth Welch popularized a technique to treat pectus excavatum — the “Welch Procedure.” Dr. Robert Shamberger refined this approach and made important discoveries about the effects pectus excavatum can have on lung and heart function.

For nearly two decades, our team has been offering minimally invasive repairs for pectus excavatum – or Nuss procedure – and have performed it hundreds of times. Recently, we have become one of the first teams to offer an innovative non-surgical approach for pectus excavatum called the vacuum bell. In addition, we have experience with bracing in hundreds of children with pectus carinatum.

For children with connective tissue, heart or lung concerns that may need evaluation, our pediatric medical specialists in these fields have an extensive experience with chest wall problems and are regularly rated as some of the best in the nation.

Having experience with the full range of treatments, our team aims to find the right approach for each child’s unique anatomy.

Patient focused care

Every child is different and our multidisciplinary team is focused on finding the right treatment for your child. This means getting to know your child, what they enjoy doing, and how their chest wall might impact those activities. Most importantly, we care about how their chest wall makes you and your child feel. This may include tests to understand your child’s anatomy, or simply a physical exam by an experienced chest wall provider. With your input, we will design a treatment plan customized to your child’s unique needs.