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Frequently Asked Questions | Overview

I’m pregnant and I just found out my baby has a congenital heart defect. Is there anything you can do before my baby is born?

Yes. Getting the right care for your baby before birth can help make sure they have the best outcome possible after birth. The doctors in our Fetal Cardiology Program can offer expert evaluation and diagnosis of fetal heart defects and counseling about treatment options. We can also help plan for your baby’s delivery. In some cases, we may be able to offer treatment for certain types of heart defects before your baby is born.

We don’t live near Boston. How would you coordinate our child’s care?

We see patients from around the world and are happy to coordinate with your local cardiologist to make sure your child gets the best care possible.

How many surgeries will my child need?

Most children with single ventricle heart defects need at least one surgery, and many need more than one. The exact number depends on your child’s specific heart defect and the type of treatment our surgeon recommends. Because each child’s heart is unique, we tailor treatment for every child individually.

My child has already had surgery, but now we’re looking for a second opinion. Do you offer that?

Yes, many parents come to us for a second opinion, even after their child has had surgery or other procedures at another hospital. We’re always happy to review your child’s records and offer our opinion on the best course of treatment.

Can my child have a biventricular repair?

Biventricular repair is an option for a subset of patients with single ventricle defects. We’re happy to review your child’s images to assess if a biventricular repair is an option for them.